Tiffa Tantalizesr
Tiffa is a long, lanky all-natural Thai ladyboy who dreams of an American boyfriend.

66 photos.

Nanthiya the Nasty Teaser
Nanthiya is a sexy girl from Pattaya who can't wait to get out of her clothes and stroke her long hard tool!

112 photos.

Jasmine Alone in Her Hotel Room
What does a hot girl with a hard cock do when she has no date and is all alone in her hotel room? She takes matters into her own hands, of course!

58 photos.

Smile from the Land of Smiles
She's all smiles...and you would be too.

72 photos.

Kee: Kaptivating Kathoey
Kee shows off her sweet bod in this big set.

181 photos.

Cat: Purrfect Ladyboy
Get captivated by the purrfect kathoey, Cat, in this great set and video.

126 photos + video.

Wawa: Sexy Elf
All-natural Thai girl with nice cock cums for you.

126 photos.

KC Arcache: Elegant Red Dress
Filipino ladyboy KC doffs her sleek red dress.

63 photos.

Fah: Big Tits, Big Cock
Ladyboy Fah plays with her gorgeous breasts and big cock.

111 photos.

Mog: Beautiful Thai Ladyboy
Lovely ladyboy Mog comes from Pattaya, Thailand, showing off her gorgeous breasts.

87 photos.

Francine Evaldez: Multiple Views
Filipina ladyboy Francine Evaldez shows multiple sides of herself from phone sex to orgasmic babe.

72 high res photos.

Rhed Argel: Fabulous Fur
This Filipina hottie proves that, next to diamonds, a lady looks best in fur. That is, unless she's wearing nothing at all.
99 high res photos.

Alexia: Hot Couple
Alexia is a tall, slender ladyboy from Manila craving a horny dude for pleasure.

109 high res photos.

TS Filipina: Black and Blue
Say hello to TS Filipina, one of the sexiest ladyboys in Manila and a rising pornstar!

60 high res photos.

Julia Shiroya: Purple Swimsuit
Meet Julia Shiroya, a very sexy ladyboy from Manila who yearns to pleasure you!

64 high res photos.

Kristine Cyrell: Playful
Meet Kristine Cyrell, a lovely young, playful ladyboy from Manila for you!

68 high res photos.

Jasmine: Play Time
Sometimes I just want to cuddle with my teddy bear, suck on a lolipop, and forget all my troubles. Actually, I love sucking on lolipops...and I bet you want to suck on mine!

63 high res photos.

2011 Tranny Awards
We at JTSF and UP Network recently sponsored the 2011 Tranny Awards in L.A. It was a fantabulous event, 100s of fans, models, and producers in attendance including many of the top TS pornstars on the scene today. Here are some photo highlights!
49 high res photos.

Sweet Cazandra: Raw
the pillow-busted ladyboy strokes herself to orgasm in this raw footage, part two of this wild set.

81 high res photos.

Jasmine: Pin-Up Smoking a Cigar
Here's a little set for those with a smoking fetish, featuring me as a pin-up model smoking a slim cigar (sometimes a cigar is just a cigar....)
31 high res photos.

Cazandra: Careful - Curves
Cazandra is a voluptuous ladyboy, a full-figured woman with pillow tits and a hard cock waiting for you to rock her night....
81 high res photos.

Jasmine: Mamasan Returns
The sultry geisha of your dreams teases and tempts you to release your load....

73 high res photos.

Apple Dupple: Exquisite Escort
Late at night, lonely in your hotel room, you call a sexy escort, a beautiful Filipina who promises a GFE time with 8 reasons to guarantee satisfaction. An hour later she knocks at your door, and the rest is what happens between two consenting adults....
117 high res photos.

Victoria Veil: Corporate Bitch
Ever Wonder What That Corporate Witch is like When not in the office... Now's you chance to find out! Meet Victoria Veil and see what her secret life is like and how explosive she can be Stroking Her 8 inch cock!
180 high res photos.

Dhaniella: Hey Little Schoolgirl
Hey pretty little girl walking down the street - You look so fine, look so neat - Hey little girl, will you be mine? - I wanna love you all the time.
57 high res photos.

Gonna Get Some: Jasmine Hardcore
Part 2 of our biggest update yet! "Gonna Get Some" offers great gobs of hot white goo, deep oral, anal play, and more! 277 photos and complete video!
132 high res photos.     15-minute Hardcore Video

Jasmine: Masque of Blue
Who's that sexy lady behind the blue masque? Are you ready for trick-or-treat?

56 high res photos.

Gonna Get Some: Jasmine Hardcore
Our biggest update yet! Part One of "Gonna Get Some" features the first half of my hardcore encounter with a sexually addicted, well-hung redhead guy...including the complete video!
145 high res photos.     15-minute Hardcore Video

Nicole Ann: Touched Like a Virgin
Beautiful young ladyboy from Manila who had her very first sexual experience just last year. Nicole loves have a lot of friends and lives with her lola (grandmother).
82 high res photos.

Apple Dupple: Smoking Hot
Gorgeous ladyboy Apple is smoking hot in this set of smoking fetish photos. Apple is our newest and hottest discovery, and we know you'll lover her.
86 high res photos.

The Gambler: Aces High
My friends wanted to go out to the casino, fun I thought; but they made me wait too long and I deecided to kill time by playing cards by myself. Well as you can see the stakes aren't the only thing that got raised. By the time I was done, all I could think about was working a "Straight" with my "Hard Six."
87 high res photos.

Ladyboy Gangbangers – Hardcore S&M Fetish Action!! Three hot Filipina ladyboys abuse, exploit and sexually assault a horny guy who just can't get enough of their not-so-tender caresses, building to a gangbang fucking where each ladyboy has her way with the helpless dude. Set courtesy of our sister site, www.piladyboy.com.
87 high res photos.

Alvina in Chains: For all those who fancy a little playful S&M fetish, feast your eyes on the lovely Alvina wrapped in chains! Alvina lives in Manila and wants you to use her and abuse her...but not too much!
93 high res photos.

Jasmine Stroking in Bed: Ah, a quiet night in bed, viewing porn on my laptop, and suddenly I get the urge to stroke it...stroke it...whoops I made a mess!

60 high res photos.

MILF Michelle: Cougar with a Cock
Many guys hunger for a sexy MILF, a rarity in shemale porn. Meet Michelle, 37 years old, beautiful and sexy, a cougar with a cock!
75 high res photos.

Mocha: Sultry Ladyboy of the Islands
Meet my hot friend Mocha, a warm, sexy, playful girl from the south of the Philippines currently living in Manila.
90 high res photos.     39-minute Hardcore Video

Jasmine in Man's Shirt
A member requested me in a man's shirt, he said he'd love to see me in a loose-fitting shirt and slowly expose my body. What's sexier than a beautiful, full-bodied woman in a loose-fitting man's shirt? A woman with something extra, of course!
86 high res photos.

Guest Star Angelina Torres
Europe's newest transsexual pornstar, Angelina cums to us courtesy www.angelinatorresxxx.com, our sister site on the UP Network. I hope you enjoy this sampling of her ultra-hot work and exquisite beauty.
50 high res photos.

Three juicy videos featuring three hot Thai ladyboys: Dokthong ("Shower Seduction"), Ann ("Cum Geyser"), and Lily ("BJ Ecstasy")
35 minutes in all.

Party Time
A party by myself...and the peeping tom looking in through the window....

82 high res photos.

Bed Strokes
I stroke myself in bed to a sweet orgasm. Watch me jism on my tummy!


Sunlit Curtain
I just had to stroke myself off while sitting in the warm sun streaming through the curtains.

70 high res photos.

Jasmine Gets Her Computer Geek On
Office hijinks! The boss is out so I put work away and had some fun.
105 high res photos.

Dominatrix in Pink
Watch me play with an array of toys. Anal penetration, oh yeah.

75 high res photos.

Afternoon Delight
Skyrockets in flight, oh yeah...met my lover for some fun on a hot late summer afternoon...

45 high res photos.

Pretty in Pink
Or is it Shocking Pink? Well color me pink because I had a lot of fun with this set! I know you like me in my pink undies...and I know you like me even better without them!
80 high res photos.

Smoking Hot!
Here's a fan request that I loved shooting: another smoking scene! Seems that smoking is a real fetish for some guys!
54 high res photos.

Black and White Dress
I think this is my hottest set yet! Watch me slip out of my black and white dress and get down and dirty, stroking my hard self till I build to climax. If only I weren't alone....
103 high res photos.

There is no turn-on more intense than a beautiful, sexy, yet demure and elegant geisha, a mistress of art and culture, of elegance and sexuality.
73 high res photos.

Mamasan Smoking
Now this is smokin'! A fan wanted to see me in a smoking set, and let me tell you, where there's smoke, there's fire!
38 high res photos.

Print Dress
Love this dress, it makes me feel so soft and feminine...except where it counts, that is!
75 high res photos.


Red Panties
Red is so hot, don't you think? Ahh, but you just want to tear these off. Well, what are you waiting for? I'm hard and looking for love.
69 high res photos.

Leopard Print
Grrr... I'm a wild cat in my leopard print summer dress, short to show off my legs, low-cut to show off my titties. Laying on the bed, wondering when my love will arrive....
64 high res photos.

Black Negligee
My favorite intimate wear! Notice how the transparent material shows off my breasts, revealing my pert nipples. Oh to snuggle next to my lover wearing this heavenly material with a glass of wine and the evening ahead of us.
32 high res photos.

Cherry Girl
I love these cherry print panties, they are so comfy I don't want to take them off... but I will for you!
43 high res photos.

Blue Dress
This is one of my favorite dresses. It clings so, almost revealing my big, round boobs, so light and delicate I know you just want to pull it off me to expose my hidden passion....
40 high res photos.

Black Corset
How sexy can it get? Don't you just love slinky black corsets? Nothing shows off a girl's shape quite like a corset.
23 high res photos.


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